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Front End

Back End


Civic engagement app

What we did
  • Brand design
  • Product design
  • Experience design
  • Interface design
  • Full stack development
  • CivicTech
  • GovTech


Civic engagement progressive web app. Personal project designed and developed as a proof of concept for the use of a social media-like experience and tool to incentivize civic engagement.


The idea behind Chango, using a social-enhanced geographic information system as a civic engagement tool, had been growing in my mind for a couple of years, and in 2018 finally had a small time to work on it. I challenged myself to design it, code it and deploy it / launch it in only a couple of months.


Chango I set out to create the brand initially with the goal of making it friendly, almost toy-like, then sketched initial wireframes and proceeded to work on the UI design and an initial prototype of the UX. For the tech stack, Meteor was chosen as it enabled me to work on the Front End and Back End using the same language (JavaScript), and provided easy to use tools for handling deployment, building, etc. Google Maps was used to show the location of the different posts in a map.

  • Launched in under three months, from branding to final deployment
  • Enabled me to learn about devops, databases, and other backend technology
  • Served as a white-label product for similar projects using social media and geolocation capabilities

  • Developed LaPazQuerida's site as a white-label product
  • This initial version of Chango allowed us to test with real users and better understand their motivations