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Brand and identity design. Mobile app design and development

What we did
  • Branding & identity
  • Experience design
  • Interface design
  • Mobile app development
  • Beauty
  • Direct Sales
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Social / direct sales mobile app in Colombia. Redesign focusing on improving the overall experience and adding an in-app checkout experience that would enable sellers to establish their own prices for the end client.


Elenas is a social selling company based in Colombia allowing thousands of women to earn money from home by sharing thousands of products by the best Colombian brands with their friends and relatives, and selling them to earn a commission without having to deliver or manage payments. For this second major version of the Seller App, a big challenge was to completely overhaul the process of creating an order, as we had gained insight from sellers that they were used to place the orders for their clients themselves in the Shopify store we had, as a way to push for closing the sale and to prevent errors in the attribution of the order, at that time done using a seller code. We also adjusted our business model with the goal of having positive margins in each transaction. That meant we needed to charge the end client full shipping costs depending on the city they were receiving the order, instead of a flat fee that we initially charged to the vendors, as a strategy to gain traction. This new version of the app not only had to initially improve or at least maintain the previous version activation and retention rates, but we also would be creating a totally new checkout experience for our sellers within the app, and getting rid of the Shopify (end client facing) store.

Elenas Wireframes


Elenas For the design of the new app we created our own Design System (based on the EVA Design System from the great folks at avkeo akveo · GitHub ). It helped the product team iterate faster as we developed the new version, and new features, of our mobile app (developed using React Native).

As we designed the initial wireframes and low to high fidelity prototypes (Adobe XD) we worked around the insight that allowing the seller to set the end price would allow them to negotiate and have a more engaging experience and conversation with the end client. With the goal of keeping our conversion rates and revenue numbers at a consistent level, we tested multiple iterations of the design, focusing on the checkout process, and making it as intuitive and easy to follow as we could, providing tips and recommendations along the way so they can achieve better margins or give a better price to their client on each order.

  • Profitable transactions for Elenas!
  • Reduced times for new product iterations and features
  • Improved activation, conversion and retention rates, reducing our burn rate and dependance on VC
  • Consistent and updated design system and language used across all new products and communications
  • Reduced the number of products supported, by removing the end client Shopify store

  • Transaction margins went from -10% to 10%
  • Activation rates went from 15% to 25%
  • Conversion rates were kept consistent at 10%
  • Retention rates went from 20% to 40%