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What we did

  • Branding & identity
  • Experience design
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  • Mobile app development


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Elenas’ goal is being the operative system for direct selling in Latin America. This early stage startup, previously called Descubre, was launched in early November 2018 in the Techchrunch Battle event in Brazil. As part of the launch, the Elenas name and new brand and identity were to be revealed, as well as a first version of the app under the Elenas moniker. All this was to be designed and developed in under a month, just in time for the day of the event.


  • Create a strong and feminine brand and identity for Elenas
  • Design and develop the first version of Elenas Seller’s App

Empowering women to earn more in less time without risk

Elenas' primary objective is allowing women to earn more money by creating an easier and risk free way to sell, using social media to share the products, and allowing the sellers to focus on providing a great service while Elenas handles logistics and payments. Our message of women empowerment needed a visually strong brand and identity to back it up.

Artboard 5

Creating the brand

From some initial exploration mockups we came across a couple of ideas and shapes that resonated with the Elenas’ founders and the team. The idea of a logo that could represent both the Elenas initial and a form of natural power gave way to the final logo, a combination of the letter E with a shape that reminisces a drop of water or fireball.

logo-white-purplebg-square-tagline@2x Logo

Designing and Developing the first Elenas app

For this first version of the Elenas app we wanted to make use of our newly found visual language and voice to help women who were used to working on traditional direct sales to transition to a digital model where they could share content and products with their contacts though social media and earn a commission on each sale. The main section of the app is the feed, where sellers can see new products and content published on a daily basis, as well as read content and watch videos to become a better seller and earn more. A list of all the orders is also a tap away, so they can track the state and know how much and when they should get paid. In their profile, they can check their total earnings, last and next payments, etc.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 8.48.09 PM Ecommerce Website

Order Detail - Success – 1@2x Order Detail