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Design Sprint + Prototype

What we did

  • Information architecture
  • Wordpress + Woocommerce theme development
  • Front end development


  • Publishing
  • Media


Freight management mobile app. Redesign as a result of a one week Design Sprint focusing on improving the overall user experience in the app.


Geed is a mobile app for transport companies and truck drivers based in Colombia that provides tools for finding and managing freight. Launched in 2019, its initial version was gaining traction with a basic user interface and experience. It was clear that improving the UI and UX of the product was key in having better growth numbers. The founders approached Salazarpardo looking to completely redesign the user interface and experience, and we agreed on doing it on a single design sprint, meaning we only had five days to completely change the way the app was designed to make it more user friendly, clean, and engaging. Geed Wireframes



After having a rundown of the initial version of the app on the first day of our 5-day design sprint, a first prototype (lo-fi/wireframes) with a new Information Architecture was created and some initial Visual Design ideas were discussed (color scheme, typography). Based on the feedback received, we started wokring on the UI and managed to complete a high fidelity prototype or click dummy (using Adobe XD) that served as the base for the new app redesign.

  • Redesign finished in under a week, from wireframes to click dummy
  • Testable improvements in Branding, Information Architecture, UX, UI
  • Geed developers received all assets and design information in an easy to understand format (Adobe XD)

  • Improved activation rates by 30% and retention by over 40%