Front End


Responsive redesign and Styleguides

What we did
  • Strategic design
  • Experience design
  • Interface design
  • Front end development
  • Publishing
  • Media


Family of news sites. Custom responsive framework designed and developed focusing on reducing the number of sites supported and the time required to launch new sites and features.


Publicaciones Semana is a leading media and news publishing company in Colombia. In 2012, with over 30 different websites for their 10 publications, using device specific versions, ad hoc design and code for each site, and taking over 5 months to deliver a new project to market, it was clear we needed a responsive, structured redesign of all sites. It was crucial to understand the underlying patterns and general requirements before jumping into design to make sure we could reuse as much code as possible across the different sites.


Semana My responsibility as Lead UX / UI were creating a common responsive UI framework of components to be easily reusable, designing responsive websites for all publications according to its current brand and visual language, getting stakeholders buy-in for each publication, creating HTML / CSS / JS prototypes and styleguides for easier development of new sites, and helping to optimize sites and develop new features across all sites.

  • Reduced in a third number of sites supported (33 to 11)
  • Reduced times for new product iterations and feature releases
  • Improved integration and look and feel of ads and sponsored content, a big source of revenue

  • Improving user metrics and ads revenue: Publicaciones Semana digital business model was based in ad revenue, allowing the user free access to all contents. Improving key user metrics like daily / monthly users was very important to be in a position to negotiate better terms with advertisers and sustain this business model. Consolidating the user base in fewer sites and implementing SEO improvements resulted in improvements for all sites, ranging from 45% for (8.2M vs 5.6M), 87% for (5M vs 2,7M), 76% for (1M vs 0.6M) and 82% for (1.7M vs 0.9) since the launch of the new web sites(04/15 vs 04/14).