Product Sprints

We believe that the best way to succeed in the digital world is creating something people love. A Product Sprint is a great way to reduce the risk of doing something nobody needs or wants with very limited time and resources.

The Product Sprint is a five stage process

  1. Discover (review background and user insights)
  2. Sketch (brainstorm what’s possible)
  3. Ideate (rank solutions, pick one)
  4. Build (create a minimum viable concept)
  5. Test (validate with users)

Design Sprints have become a standard method used by some of the leading agencies in the world to develop successful brand new products and scale exisisting ones.
Source: How to conduct a Design Sprint

Our Product Sprints build on the best from the Design Sprint methodology, allowing us to go from initial idea to testable Minimum Viable Concept (MVC) in the duration of a single Sprint (5 day minimum), from tested MVC to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch in a matter of weeks or months, and continue to develop, optimize and manage the product as it scales. Product sprints can help you:


Design brand new products

We can help you conceptualize, validate and test your initial idea, and to make rapid progress in prototyping the product.

  • Design strategy
  • Concept ideation and validation
  • Rapid and High Fidelity Prototyping
  • User research
  • MVP development
  • Product optimization

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Review an existing product

We can help you discover what is working and what needs improvement, explore solutions to similar problems in the market, quickly review and test ideas and assumptions, report findings and recommend courses of action.

  • Comprehensive audit of an existing service or product .
  • What’s working, what not
  • Where the user experience should be improved
  • Where there’s room for performance improvements (and cost reductions)
  • How to improve the accessibility of the product could

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Improve an existing product

We can help you manage and understand your users and where you need to improve, and iterate to fix problems and develop new ideas.

  • Product metrics measurement analysis
  • New features / enhancement ideation, validation and prioritization
  • Prototyping (Rapid and High Fidelity)
  • User research
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Page speed optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Automated marketing (Email)
  • New feature development

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